Bridgeton Boatworks is a full-service boatyard that takes care with every boat we service. From the simple bottom job and cosmetic repair to the complete refit, we have the tools and expertise to do the job correctly and in a timely manner.  In 2021 we’ve expanded our facility and added new equipment to meet the demand for our services. By making this investment, we’ll be the best-equipped boatyard on the Neuse River and throughout coastal North Carolina.


Our Boatyard Expansion

In 2021 Bridgeton Boatworks is being enlarged by more than two acres to more than double our boatyard space so that we can accommodate more boaters. The expanded yard is completely fenced.  In addition, we’re adding more layup dock space that will make it easier and more comfortable for our customers to step on and off their boats as they arrive and depart.

Haul Out

Bottom work

Fiberglass and Vacuum Bagging


Engine servicing


Stainless & aluminum fabrication and welding


Insurance repairs

Other needed repairs or services



Our Newest Boat Lift

Bridgeton Boatworks recently added a brand new 40-ton boat lift, bringing to three the number of lifts to accommodate boats of almost any size.  This new Ascom lift means we can pull boats without having to unstrap our other lifts, making the experience more cost effective and timely for our customers and for us.  Our two other lifts are the 77-ton lift – the largest on the Neuse River – and our 35-ton lift which has been our workhorse since the boatyard opened. With this fleet of lifts, we can easily service the needs of almost any local and regional boater as well as those traveling up and down the coast and the ICW.  We’re also adding and replacing other equipment as the need arises. Click items on the list below for more detail.

Our New 40-ton Boat Lift

Our new 40-ton boat life brings to three the number of boat lifts at Bridgeton Boatworks. With this third lift, we can match a boat lift to the specific size of our customers’ boats.

77-ton Travel Lift

Our 77-ton travel lift is the largest boat lift on the Neuse River. We can accommodate almost any size boat including those going up and down the coast as well as those on the ICW. It’s joined by our two other lifts including a new 40-ton lift.
35-ton travel lift

This travel lift has been a workhorse with us since we started. We built a new travel lift slip at the time to accommodate it and its been joined by its larger 77-ton brother and newest 40-ton lift added in 2021.

Four wide boat slips, up to 35' wide

For work that doesn’t require a haul out, four recently-built boat slips can accommodate wide boats such as catamarans and trimarans.

25-ton crane

P and H T-250 mobile hydraulic crane.

Scissor lift
Fork lifts
6000-square-foot indoor repair facility plus other smaller workshops

The repair facility is fully equipped to meet all of your boat maintenance needs.